NPARA is very excited to welcome 2 new staff members to their team – Angelica & Lance Ouellette. With Tom as her mentor, Angelica will become our new Research Coordinator. Tom will be retiring at the end of this year but returning for a short time in the spring to help with seeding. Lance is mentoring with Nora to take over as Manager with Nora phasing out over the next year or so, also into retirement! With their arrival in early August, this dynamic, enthusiastic husband and wife duo have been a very welcome addition to our team and we know that the future of NPARA will be in very capable hands. Please stop in at the office or out at the farm to meet them.


Please click here to get to know Lance, and click here to meet Angelica!

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For those that missed the compost and vermiculture presentation on the 18th of November, click here to access the PDF. Topics covered include:

Compost Vermiculture
 * Recap on aerobic composting stages  * Suitable species for vermiculture
 * General guidelines for composting  * Red wigglers are king
 * Achieving the right carbon to nitrogen balance  * Other beneficial inhabitants of a worm bin
 * Preferred Feedstocks  * Types of vermi-composters
 * Tips for filling up your composter  * Example of commercial worm farms
 * Assessing moisture, aeration, particle size & temperature  * Build your own
 * Managing a compost heap over the winter  * Avoiding the pitfalls
 * Anaerobic composting during winter – Bokashi method  * Red wiggler suppliers in Alberta

Please contact Lance Ouellette ( for further inquiries!

Take advantage of our pest monitoring program! For up to date in-season maps of the bertha armyworm survey results click here. Additional in-season survey results for other insects such as cutworms, wheat midge, etc, can be found here.

Soil Compaction Simulation

Click here for a video of the soil compaction simulation that was completed at our Let’s Talk Soil workshop with Odette Menard and Louis Robert. The green tube was buried at 6″, amber at 12″, and red at 18″.

Helpful Tools for Selecting and Seeding Cover Crops

Midwest Cover Crops – Cover Crop Decision Tool

Smart Mix Seed Calculator

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Full Reports on our 2018 Trials are available!

Growing Forward 2 has now been replaced with the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP). Click here to see what programs are currently accepting applications. For more information and to visit the CAP website click here

Check out this great video summarizing what we do and what we’re about!

Click here for the 2018 Notikewin/Keg River water quality report!

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Grade 1 Garden Planting

Soil Health & Carbon Workshop

Let’s Talk Soil!

Quinoa Trials

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