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The North Peace Applied Research Association is a non-profit, producer driven organization that has been in operation since 1988. The North Peace Applied Research Association’s mission is to serve farmers within the County of northern Lights and the M.D of Peace #135, and to meet the special needs that results from our unique climatic, geographic and soil conditions. To meet these needs, NPARA conducts applied research as determined by our Board of Directors. Our goal is to promote soil and water conservation, agricultural production, marketing and technology transfer.

Your membership includes NPARA’s annual report, newsletters and other mail outs to keep you up to date on new technology and provide information on tours, meetings, workshops and seminars! Members also have access to our library and reading materials. For a list of available books and materials available for sign out click on the link below.

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Membership:  $20/person or $40/farm unit

If you would like to download the Membership Application, please click on the link below. You can print off the application, mail it to us and include your membership fee.  If you are interested in additional membership information, please feel free to contact us by email at admin@npara.ca

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Please contact our staff if you would like additional information about NPARA and its activities!


Address: Box 750 Manning, AB  T0H 2M0 Ph: (780) 836-3354  Email: nora@npara.ca


Nora Paulovich                                                                       Tom Fromme

Research Coordinator/Manager                                             Cereal & Oilseed Specialist

nora@npara.ca                                                                           tom@npara.ca



Courtney Vandemark                                       Deb Perrier

Research Technician                                                  Admin Assistant

tech@npara.ca                                                             admin@npara.ca



President: Peter Bigler
Box 10, Hotchkiss, AB T0H 2B0
Vice President: Al Dumas
Dixonville, AB T0H 0E0
Secretary/Treasurer: Leanne  Pharis
Box 63, Hotchkiss, AB T0H 2B0


Pete Stahl
Box 666, Manning, AB T0H 2M0
Odell Raymond
Box 6052, Peace River, AB T8S 1S1
Kelly Coulter
Box 88, Manning, AB T0H 2M0
Gerrit Monster
Box 1427, Grimshaw, AB T0H 2W0


ARECA Representative

Odell Raymond

County of Northern Lights
Arie Loogman


Albert Michaud

NPARA serves an area of 616,637 arable acres within the County of Northern Lights. The total land area of the County is 20,749 km2 (5,127,189 acres).

Land Use by Crop (Acres)

Wheat 59,388
Oats 19,083
Barley 32,248
Canola 76,673
Other field crops 338
Flax 2,350
Rye 690
Field Peas 6,440
Hay – Alfalfa 59,822
Hay – Tame 44,514
Forage for Seed 10,094

For a summary of the percent of seeded acres by crop (wheat and barley) for the Peace River Region, click here.


Cow/calf 34,737
Pigs 307
Sheep/Lambs 1,726
Other Livestock
Horses/ponies 1,212
Goats 367
Wild boars 436
Buffalo 3,499
Elk 2,817
Hens/Chickens 1,740

Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census of Agriculture

Soil Types

Soil types within the M.D. #22 are Gray Luvisolic soils and Dark Gray Chernozemic soils, Dark Gray – Gray Luvisols. Please refer to Soil Group Map of Alberta for further classification.