Photo Gallery

Thank you to the Manning Elementary grade 1 class for coming out to check on your garden!

Soil Workshop with Jill Clapperton

NPARA Farm 2016

Harvest 2016 at the Research Farm!

Silage Harvest 2016

Trials, August 2016

Alfalfa/Sainfoin Trial

Cover Crops

Crops Garden 2016

Looking at the Crops Garden in November- Still GREEN!

River Sampling 2016

Grade 1 Visit to the Farm 2016

PARADE 2016!!

Staking and Seeding Trials 2016

Disease and pest infestation

Annual Field Tour, July 27, 2016

Summer Solstice Tour 2016

Morning Coffee Tour 2016

Nicole Masters from New Zealand in the Peace Country

Jay Fuhrer-Soil Health 2016

Peter Donovan-  Soil Carbon Challenge Tour

Farmer and Community Appreciation Night with The Tornado Hunter

Dr. Christine Jones from Australia

Field Tour 2015

Curt Pate 2015- Low Stress Handling Workshop

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