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NPARA’s Key Capabilities

Our Mission

To confidently provide applied research and extension to encourage a healthy agriculture industry.

Our Vision

To promote a future in agriculture through improved stewardship.


Renowned integrated soil crop, producer led, livestock, intercropping and organic matter research.


Valuable producer extension and community engagement through knowledge transfer workshops and seminars as well as involvement in regional activities and events.


Thriving and dynamic board made up of local producers and staff that allow for enthusiasm, communication and agriculture development.

Our Story

We strive to be experts at measuring our impact and telling our story with members, producers and funders through our website, mailouts, newsletters, social media, and testimonials.

Who We Are

NPARA is a non-profit, producer-driven applied research and demonstration organization located in Manning, Alberta.

Our mission is to serve farmers within the county of Northern Lights and the M.D of the Peace #135, and to meet the special needs that results from our unique climatic, geographic and soil conditions.

NPARA receives the majority of funds through project based funding from governments, commodity groups and private industry.

What We Do

  • Promote best management practices in the agricultural community.
  • Introduce producers to new agricultural production technologies and practices.
  • Conduct adaptive and applied research to determine the feasibility (cost-effectiveness) of new technologies and practices.
  • Provide unbiased, third party results during extension events.
  • Serve as a bridge from the agricultural community to the local community, and continuously engage the public on the theme of agricultural sustainability

How We Help

  • Provide local reliable data to assist with management decisions on your farm.
  • Organize 10-15 extension events per year, where we draw in speakers from across Western Canada on themes of regenerative agriculture, improving crop productivity, environmental stewardship and farm profitability.
  • Submit your research ideas to NPARA, and we will test it! If we haven’t done work on it ourselves, we can always connect you with someone that has.
  • Trained environmental farm plan technician that can help you complete your plan before the CAP deadlines.
  • Staff can also help you complete CAP application for implementation of new technologies on your farm.

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