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For those that missed the compost and vermiculture presentation on the 18th of November, click here to access the PDF. Topics covered include:

Compost Vermiculture
 * Recap on aerobic composting stages  * Suitable species for vermiculture
 * General guidelines for composting  * Red wigglers are king
 * Achieving the right carbon to nitrogen balance  * Other beneficial inhabitants of a worm bin
 * Preferred Feedstocks  * Types of vermi-composters
 * Tips for filling up your composter  * Example of commercial worm farms
 * Assessing moisture, aeration, particle size & temperature  * Build your own
 * Managing a compost heap over the winter  * Avoiding the pitfalls
 * Anaerobic composting during winter – Bokashi method  * Red wiggler suppliers in Alberta

Please contact Lance Ouellette ( for further inquiries!


Click here for a video of the soil compaction simulation that was completed at our Let’s Talk Soil workshop with Odette Menard and Louis Robert. The green tube was buried at 6″, amber at 12″, and red at 18″.