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The 2021 growing season was the third attempt to successfully grow hemp varieties at the NPARA farm. In the growing seasons of 2019 and 2020 not a single seedling converted into a mature stand. In this year, there were more emergent plants per square foot from the CFX-1 variety compared to the Joey variety which had less (P≤0.0001). Grandi was one of the most vigourous (P=0.0003) varieties with the greatest number of standing individuals (P≤0.0001) whereas the X-59 hemp variety was the least both in vigour and number of standing individuals per square foot. Along with Grandi, other vigourous varieties were CFX-1, Katani and CRS-1. The least vigourous varieties, on the other hand, were Joey and Canda, aside from X-59. The hemp variety with the highest moisture content was Canda while lowest moisture content was found in the CRS-1 variety. The most productive hemp variety was CFX-1, whereas the least productive was Joey (P=0.0003). Under the right conditions, the CFX-1 hemp variety could be considered apt to be grown as a rotational crop. On a similar note, hemp varieties such as Katani and Grandi could also yield high as they showed to be as productive as CFX-1. Hemp varieties such as Joey or Canda may not be the best choices as yield is below par the aforementioned. It is ambitioned that next year we can grow hemp varieties and compile results for a better approach in yield differences among them.